Pau Gay
Barcelona, 1985

Software Engineer with a strong background in LAMP environments moving to more Concurrent technologies that enable Real Time processing in JVM. At the moment mostly working with Java/Scala and the Hadoop big data stack (MR, Hive, Pig) together with Cassandra, Redis and Kafka as a distribute messaging queue.

I spend two years living in London(2010-2012), a city what I love and where I’ve have professionally grown. Working for VisualDNA since Sep’2010, I’ve had the lucky to experience a tech. stack migration from batch (PHP, MR and some bash custom jobs) to a near real time architecture (JVM) strongly influenced by Linkedin’s stack.

I’m a remote worker since 2012. I work from Citilab (Barcelona) where share office with my friends from Atenea Tech.

Aside from my professional career I’ve a strong interest in the startup ecosystem. I’ve been doing side projects since University times, and with each project I get involved I feel get a little bit far. I haven’t find the success yet and I’m proud of my failures, which I like to analyse and share. My last adventure was Trividuel — an online Trivia game — where we were able to raise some money and play a bit more seriously.

Personally I’m passionate about software development and I enjoy learning on my free time. Recently spending some time in Coursera with the Functional Programming Principles in Scala (100/100) and now looking into the Data Science Specialisation track and the Cloud Computing concepts.

It still on my road map to have some proper Startup action trying to bootstrap my own business.

On my free time, I love:

  • Playing football and tennis
  • Following FC Barcelona (the team I support)
  • Strategy games in general; traditional like Chess, board games like Carcassone or┬áCatan or some real time strategy like Age of Empires or Starcraft 2