Learning Symfony 2

There are some good friends that has recommend me to learn Symfony 2. I’ve been programming with Zend Framework (not even version two) and with our own framework at VisualDNA, so I was eager to see how the frameworks ecosystem has evolved during this 2 or 3 years that I haven’t been keeping myself updated.

I’ve done the first part of the learning stage, which consists in information gathering. In this post I only wanted to aggregate some useful resources I’ve found and that I still need to consume myself.


This is basically browsing on the Symfony 2 official documentation. It’s pretty well organised and structured.

Not much going on here, really, but I think it’s interesting to spend some time having a first read about what the official documentation says.


On the “getting started” you have already checkout and played a bit with the code, but there are two good blog posts / tutorials that look interesting:

Doing this tutorials looks really interesting but the real way to learn is to try it yourself without looking at those. Probably, think about something you have wanting to do for some time and just do it using Symfony 2, that will be IMO the best way to learn.


Finally, there is some good amount of knowledge on the Internet regarding to video material. Talks from the “Symfony Live” in Paris or San Francisco, or many other conferences that has been happening recently. Here they are:

That’s all for me. If you have any useful resource where you can learn from, please, leave a comment and I will be very happy to update this list of resources.